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Our company is a pioneer in consulting and marketing the unique air purification technology ‘AIR2LIFE’ for healthy indoor air. We offer distinctive and sustainable technology and services that enhance air quality and alleviate the health effects of poor indoor air on the human body.

Through targeted awareness campaigns and consultancy services, we actively strive to strengthen awareness about the importance of healthy indoor air and create a healthier environment for all.

Here are some facts that everyone should know:
Here are some facts that everyone should know:
  • Approximately 300,000 people in Europe and about 70,000 people in Germany die each year from ultrafine particles and fine dust pollution.
  • Exposure to ultrafine and fine particles can lead to the development of allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, asthma, heart attacks, and other health issues starting from childhood.
  • On average, there is at least one allergy sufferer in every household.
  • Respiratory diseases significantly contribute to absenteeism from work. In 2022, on average, an employee missed approximately 8.3 days per year due to respiratory illnesses, representing a 70% increase compared to the previous year.
  • Europeans spend about 90% of their lifetime indoors.

Protect your employees, customers, and guests from indoor air-related illnesses...

… with AIR2LIFE coating, which cleans your indoor air using only the power of light. No costs for electricity, maintenance, or servicing.


With our latest technology for clean indoor air, you provide hygiene at the highest level and ensure a comfortable experience for your customers and employees in your business.

Dissolves all pollutants in the air such as pathogens and even allergens, allowing customers, guests, and employees to enjoy significantly higher air quality without suffering from allergy attacks.

Eliminates unpleasant odors, avoiding undesirable impressions on guests and customers entering the space.

No costs for electricity, servicing, or maintenance, allowing budgets to remain free for other important matters. Up to 70% savings compared to air purifiers are possible.

This happens to every company...

Suddenly, your employees are sick. The work? Ends up on your shoulders or the rest of the team’s if they haven’t already caught it!

The negative consequences:

  • Less or no revenue is generated
  • Healthy employees must take on additional tasks
  • Overtime accumulates, costing a lot of money
  • The remaining team is overworked and in a bad mood due to the extra workload
  • Important appointments have tobe canceled
  • High administrative workload in the HR department

“Employees in Germany are absent due to illness for an average of 24 days per year.”

[Source: Association of Company Health Insurance Funds]

As a boss, you naturally step in and pitch in during such situations, finding yourself repeatedly involved in day-to-day operations. Important appointments have tobe rescheduled as a result, and you reluctantly have topostpone commitments to your own family.


Our technology for clean air in your Company

The effectiveness and efficiency of the photocatalytic coating have been examined and certified by leading laboratories and institutes.

We offer your customers, guests, and employees clean indoor air, free from viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

The most common infections occur through the air we breathe, especially when it contains not only pathogens but also pollutants such as ultrafine particles, fine dust, and other particles.

With AIR2LIFE, our transparent coating for glass surfaces, you can ensure truly clean and healthy air in your indoor spaces for the first time, free from pathogens, pollutants, and unpleasant odors.

Once light hits the coated glass pane, whether sunlight or the light from a regular lamp, the integrated photocatalysis technology reliably filters out all harmful substances from the air, ensuring that your customers, guests, and employees stay healthy and experience the highest level of safety.

Extremely interesting for hotels: By providing guests with allergies with a completely new feeling of well-being without allergy-related symptoms, you enable them to have more restful nights:

In test runs at Radisson Blu, allergy sufferers slept so well that they would be willing to pay up to €80 more for a night in a room equipped with AIR2LIFE. More information can be found below.

This is how your indoor air is cleaned by the AIR2LIFE technology

In conjunction with sunlight or light from a regular lamp, the coating on your glass surfaces is activated

An electron flow is generated on the glass, which acts like a magnet, attracting all pollutants from the air to the window.

The attracted particles and gases are now cold burned by the integrated photocatalysis technology on the window paneand dissolve.

Only a very small amount of water and carbon dioxide remains.

Your indoor air is now cleaned 24/7!

Experience a professional coating by our specially trained technicians.

1. Thorough Cleaning of All Surfaces

Your windows are meticulously cleaned to ensure optimal application of the transparent AIR2LIFE coating. Even furniture is carefully covered to prevent any items from being sprayed during the coating process.

2. Coating with AIR2LIFE

Subsequently, windows and walls are coated with AIR2LIFE. The process is entirely safe, ensuring no disturbance to employees, customers, or guests. Once your windows have been coated with AIR2LIFE, it immediately activates air purification, all without electricity.

Why do companies choose air purification with AIR2LIFE?

Elimination of all pollutants and pathogens from indoor air, ensuring the health of your customers and employees, and preventing them from getting infected.

Drastic reduction of all allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and mold, enabling allergy sufferers and asthmatics to work without discomfort.

Continuous cleaning without the need for personnel, ensuring that turning on and off is never forgotten and your air is continuously purified.

Zero energy consumption to avoid unnecessary electricity costs, CO₂ emissions, and resource wastage, further supporting your sustainability concept.

Eliminates unpleasant odors from indoor air, ensuring your employees and customers always feel fresh and comfortable, even in changing rooms or the staff kitchen.

Operates without disruptive noise, allowing your employees to work undisturbed and ensuring your customers and guests are not bothered.

Requires no space, preserving your stylish décor and ensuring your customers are not spatially restricted.

Incur no maintenance or service costs, as filter changes and repairs are not necessary. This saves you ongoing expenses, allowing you to invest in other important matters.

AIR2LIFE guarantees the elimination of all relevant pollutants and is the most efficient and sustainable solution due to its 'photocatalysis technology.

Tested & Certified Effectiveness

The effectiveness of the latest air purification technology based on the Photokatalysehas been tested and confirmed by independent laboratories and institutes.

A significant reduction in pathogens (ultrafine particles, fine dust, bacteria, viruses, etc.) in the indoor air was observed within the first few minutes.

Benefit your business from these 7 competitive advantages that pioneering companies are already leveraging

1. Enhanced Hygiene Protection

Visibility Make the increased hygiene protection visible upon request with special indicator seals, thus creating a unique psychological effect among your customers, guests, and employees.

2. Demonstrably Increase Well-being

Demonstrably increase the well-being of your customers and employees with AIR2LIFE, leading to numerous positive reviews about your company.

3. Allergy-Friendly Workplace

Offer allergy sufferers and asthmatics a safe workplace, enhancing their daily comfort and increasing customer satisfaction, thereby boosting your revenue.

4. Strengthen Marketing, Attract Customers

By implementing this latest technology, you stand out in marketing with innovation and sustainability, effectively distinguishing yourself from competitors and making customers choose your company.

5. Excellent Online Reviews

Stand out on leading review platforms such as Google and Trustpilot, meeting customers' rising expectations and making them prefer to buy from you.

6. Easier Recruitment and Retention of Employees

Make your company visible as a safe workplace and responsible employer, making it significantly easier to attract qualified personnel to apply with you and to stay with you in the long term.

7. Reduce Sick Days and Increase Productivity

Effectively reduce sick leave days by providing clean air and self-disinfecting surfaces. This will increase productivity and improve team morale by avoiding additional workloads and overtime.


Outstanding results in hotel testing at Radisson Blu!

Test Run at Radisson Blu
Media Harbour, Düsseldorf:

Our coating was extensively tested at Radisson Blu through a detailed trial process.

How it was tested:

The participants of the trial were all allergy sufferers, experiencing respiratory conditions, dust mite allergies, chronic lung diseases, and other allergies.

They were consistently dissatisfied with their hotel stays and could never sleep properly.

The test guests initially slept one night in a conventional hotel room and then one night in an identical room coated by us.

After their stay, they filled out a comprehensive questionnaire, answering questions about the first and second nights.


Without exception, all test guests reported a worse and more exhausting first night, complaining about coughing and a phlegmy throat, among other issues.

The results surprised not only the hotel management!

Every participant rated their second night with full marks!

To the positive surprise of all involved, including the hotel, Rheinpuls, and the allergy sufferers, they experienced a completely symptom-free night and slept as well as they had in a long time.

Each of the test guests valued such a healthy and restful night at an additional cost of up to €80. However, at the same time, all participants stated that equipping hotels with our coating should be considered standard.

Experiences of Other
Companies & Hoteliers

Heinrich Dorfer
Owner Quellenhof See Lodge,

“We now offer guests & employees 100% sustainable and healthy air”


Following the events of 2020, Quellenhof noticed a trend among its guests & employees towards prioritizing health, inner balance, and personal well-being. Particularly, fresh air, which we breathe daily, is now recognized as a valuable asset.

Therefore, the hotel management sought a solution to purify the air from pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, fine/ultrafine particles, mold, and unpleasant odors.

However, known solutions in the form of electronic air purifiers were not an option.

Due to high energy consumption and the regular disposal of hazardous waste (HEPA filters or UV lamps), these solutions could not meet Quellenhof’s sustainability standards.


Windows & walls were coated with our technologies, allowing the indoor air to clean itself. Pathogens, fine dust, and even odors are neutralized around the clock.

Without generating costs for electricity, service, or maintenance.


Guests & employees are now provided with 100% sustainable and healthy breathing air.

Quellenhof’s expectations regarding effectiveness and sustainability were fully met, while outfitting all premises proved to be even more cost-effective than purchasing comparable air purification devices.

Guest satisfaction has also been increased, while employee illnesses have been minimized.

Roland Steger

Owner Hotel Barbarahof,

"We were convinced by the facts and studies"


Due to the restrictions in 2020, revenue was lost, and guests stayed away. When reopening, customer-oriented hygiene solutions were essential to reassure guests and re-engage them with the hotel.

Expensive air purification devices were not an option due to high ongoing costs from electricity consumption and filter replacements.


The hotel was equipped with our unique and sustainable air purification technology, allowing indoor air to be continuously cleaned of pollutants only with available light.


Guests and employees regularly provide positive feedback and greatly appreciate the investments in their safety & health.

Employees are no longer constantly pulled away from daily operations for surface disinfection, while the risk of infections and overall hygiene in the hotel has still been increased.

Robert Giebenrath

Managing Director RG Finance, Hannover

“Customers see that we are responsible”

On one hand, we notice an increased sense of security among me and my employees. They know they are protected and don’t have to worry.

Also, regarding employer branding, there’s progress because applicants see that the health of employees is taken care of here. Additionally, I come into contact withcustomers. They see that we handle employee protection responsibly. This responsibility we carry externally is therefore a very positive effect.

Stefan Lang
Managing Director STEP SPORTS & SPA Stuttgart

"Members immediately noticed the clean and healthier air"

For us as a premium fitness club, optimal and best training conditions, top service, and of course the health of our members, customers, and employees are paramount.

Therefore, after evaluating various systems and solutions for sustainable indoor air cleaning, we opted for “Photocatalysis Technology”.

Ultimately, the more efficient and cost-effective product solution and the sustainability in terms of operation and maintenance convinced us. Both our employees and our members and customers immediately noticed the cleaner and healthier air.

Dr. med. dent Frank Paßlack
Dentist, Duisburg

“The resonance and feedback from our patients, as well as our staff, are very positive.”

The awareness and importance of clean and healthy air in indoor spaces have a high priority among a large portion of the population, including our patients.

For this reason, after thorough examination and comparison with other solutions for air purification, we opted for air purification based on “Photocatalysis Technology.”

The response and feedback from our patients, as well as our staff, are very positive and have more than confirmed our decision. I have also equipped my private living spaces with “Photocatalysis Technology” by now.

The Next Steps

…for fewer employee absences and happier customers and guests.

With our latest technology for clean indoor air, you provide hygiene at the highest level and ensure a sense of well-being for your customers and employees in your business.

Fill out a questionnaire

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One of our representatives will contact you by phone to address any remaining questions.

Coating with AIR2LIFE

After the successful coating of your windows, your team and customers will enjoy clean indoor air around the clock.

What happens during the consultation?

Good preparation is already half the battle. In our free consultation, one of our experts will work with you to develop a coating concept for your company.

During this process, we discuss precisely which areas pose the highest risk of infection and plan which coatings will effectively clean the indoor air for your guests and employees in a sustainable manner.

Robert Kummerer

Researcher and Developer of AIR2LIFE

As an experienced scientist, Robert Kummerer has been engaged in nanotechnology research for over 20 years.

As one of the first researchers worldwide to explore photocatalysis technology, he is renowned in this field for groundbreaking advancements and insights.

Through his research successes and ingenious ideas, he ultimately developed the technology that we use today to ensure indoor air purification for our customers.

If you also want to reduce the sick days of your employees and significantly increase the satisfaction of your customers and guests, then schedule a free initial consultation now!